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an interview with OPG on Tata Harper blog

This morning I am so excited to share my thoughts on clean living over at the Tata Harper blog. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, they are an incredible non-toxic skincare company based out of a gorgeous farm in my homestate, Vermont. I am so so honored to be featured on their site.  Thank you Clare!

Also, I was lucky enough to snag some of their delicious products, which I’ll be sharing with you next week. Non-toxic beauty is a whoooole new (beautiful!) world.

*snaps from our sunset beach ride the other night

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weekend notes and healthy finds

Happy weekend!  Usually Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for hiking, brunching and sleeping in, but lately I’ve been trying to say “yes” more often to awesome things in the community (and I don’t think PJ minds now that football season has started!)

This weekend I’m going to two events I’m really excited about: The Intuitive Warrior, a workshop on listening to your inner self, and a Wanderlust yoga in the city class (you can still register here) on the pier with my favorite yogi, Seane Corn. I took a detox flow workshop with her a few months ago at the Yoga Journal conference and she completely blew my mind with her knowledge and passion. I’m actually already looking forward to Monday knowing I’ll be chock full of inspiration and goodness from these talented gurus!

On another note, my rss feed is totally out of control with amazing finds so I thought I’d start sharing some of them here.  Enjoy!

DIY dry shampoos for light and dark hair

how to deal with “not cute” days

a guide to paring down your wardrobe

5 natural detox tips for better sex

commuting tips from a buddhist

5 tips to getting your body back on track anytime, anywhere

this recipe for raw vegan cheezy spaghetti

*gorgeous sunset photography by Eric Cahan- wouldn’t these prints be great to wake up to?

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goodbye summer (kind of)

Have you ever heard that if you don’t know what you want to do for work, look back to the things you enjoyed as a child? When I see my art and writings from childhood, it’s almost laughable how little has changed.   I threw out all my old journals when I was home last month (they were so angst-ridden it was unbearable!) but I love looking at the creative work, particularly the collages.

Here are a few pages from an old book marking the brightness of summer days and moodiness of summer nights.

I know that summer is “officially” over since it’s past labor day and all, but technically Fall doesn’t start until Sept. 22… so here’s to those last supple, languid weeks when the air is still warm, the water’s even warmer, and the beaches are finally empty.

 collages by onepartgypsy, poem by Margaret Atwood via SummerTeeth

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camping in sequoia national forest

A few pics from our labor day weekend.  We arrived on Thursday afternoon to beat the crowd, and beat the crowd we did.  It was totally empty until Friday evening, so Cherokee had the run of the place.  It was his first time camping and we felt like such good dog parents letting him be the wild animal that he is. Chasing squirrels, splashing through the water, bounding up hills and across fallen logs, running, running, running everywhere and getting absolutely filthy. I think it’s important to have “no rules” time and let dogs (and kids and grownups too) escape the barriers of the built world and just be free. I’ve never seen Che so happy.

It was hot in the daytime, and freezing at night.  We slept next to a “very cliche” babbling brook and without a rain fly under the glowing Full Moon. I’m not sure if there are actual effects of “moonbathing,” but it seems like there should be, and I’ve been feeling an insane surge of creative energy and general motivation since the trip. Getting away and being relaxed in nature is exactly what I needed to feel renewed.

sunflowers outside of Bakersfield

our sleeping spot by the stream

cedars, sequoias and the sun

vegan camping food: sweet potatoes, black beans, cilantro, onion, garlic  (even better with spinach and lime juice too!)

morning fire / making coffee

Che’s uniform for the weekend… surprisingly, he really likes bandanas!

and… how Nala camps: (on a chair, in a pillow, under a towel, next to the fire)

We’re already planning another trip next month and when we go, I’ll be sure to include our camping supply checklist and vegetarian, protien-rich meal suggestions.

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cat power- sun & xx- coexist

Two great music finds today:

1) the new Cat Power album, Sun, which I downloaded right away. It’s perfect.

* the first track, Cherokee, is my favorite. And not just because it’s named after my sweet boy dog!


2) the XX’s Coexist, which comes out 9/11 (but you can hear the full album on npr)

Just what I needed today to power through projects today– really really good stuff on these two.

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